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A Tear Of Joy Mangalsutra

A Tear Of Joy Mangalsutra

₹ 77,905₹ 62,324
Rose gold crafted into a textured teardrop shape containing diamonds with a long string of black beads on either side, this mangalsutra is ideal for a heavy-worked saree or salwar-suit!
New Age Bride Mangalsutra

New Age Bride Mangalsutra

₹ 71,744₹ 57,395
When all else falls short, tradition upholds. Radiant with traditional grace, this mangalsutra is crafted to remain a classic. It's a timeless symbol of a union rooted in traditions and...
Charming Flower Diamond Mangalsutra

Charming Flower Diamond Mangalsutra

₹ 67,329₹ 53,863
The charm of flowers add elegance to this petite mangalsutra crafted in 14Kt yellow gold, studded with diamonds. Adorn this mangalsutra with open hair and pair it with ethnic or...
Token of Love Diamond Mangalsutra

Token of Love Diamond Mangalsutra

₹ 116,958₹ 93,566
Deepen your bond of love and commitment with this flower and leaf motif diamond mangalsutra. Pair your modern wear with this stunning piece to feel gorgeous.
Sparkling Diamond Mangalsutra

Sparkling Diamond Mangalsutra

₹ 50,450₹ 40,361
You can say a lot about a person from the jewellery they wear. This sleek, stunning mangalsutra says you have an exquisite taste and infinite beauty. Unparalleled elegance flows through...
Inverted Crown Diamond Mangalsutra

Inverted Crown Diamond Mangalsutra

₹ 108,303₹ 86,643
Here's the perfect mangalsutra for the modern bride! Channel your inner regality and cast a dignified aura when you adorn this inverted crown mangalsutra, for you're the queen of your...

Exquisite Diamond Mangalsutras Designs For Modern Brides

Mangalsutra symbolizes the union of an inseparable relationship between a man and a woman. Mangalsutra, a traditional bridal jewelry ornament for women, signifies their marital status and holds the utmost importance in Hindu culture. Today’s woman who likes to adorn minimal daily wear jewelry prefers a latest diamond mangalsutra designs that suits her modern wear attire. It has been a popular choice for modern brides and married ladies.


In light of prevailing demand, Diamondtree brings to you an array of fashionable mangalsutra design options. Each design is crafted after much contemplation so that it is comfortable to be worn and keeps sparkling for a lifetime. Browse through a wide range of alluring designs and hand-pick from existing options or get your dream design customized.

Shop Trendy Diamond Mangalsutra Online for Wedding

Diamondtree’s jewelry will surely make you feel ecstatic with its phenomenal mangalsutra collection and craftsmanship. Our Diamond mangalsutra pendants range comprises the beautiful designs of floral motif, religious symbol, solitaire ones and many more; framed in elegant designs, shining just like a beautiful bride.


Our most attractive and the latest mangalsutra designs have been our pious sleek diamond ones crafted in 14kt Gold, with classic examples of clusters of diamonds, available with a sacred thread of black beads.

Another beautiful diamond mangalsutra design is our Noor lightweight designs with a single cluster of diamonds setting giving a solitaire look. It can be worn with the black beads chain or as a simple pendant as well.

Although chic jewelry designs have been trending, heavy diamond ones that looks very prominent, also looks super lavish when worn as a pendant. We offer a breathtaking collection of trending pendant with an extravagant look but notably contemporary.

All our designs can be crafted in 14kt and 18kt rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Grace yourself with the best designer mangalsutra online that befits your persona and style perfectly.

Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet To Explore This Wedding Season

Since the traditional times where it was important to be worn, it has now become more of a fashion statement. The latest style includes Diamond Mangalsutra bracelet like floral bracelet, religious symbol bracelet, evil eye bracelet and so many more trending designs to choose from.


Get your necklace redesigned to a bracelet and flaunt the tradition while grabbing the attention wearing a new in-style Mangalsutra bracelet.

We have a beautiful collection of Diamond Mangalsutra rings that you will absolutely love to own. Hopping on the very surprising trend of adorning a Mangalsutra on your finger is highly anticipated and loved.

Flaunt Your Latest Diamond Mangalsutra In Style With Diamondtree

Much in trend customized mangalsutra are topping the charts on social media. All kinds of personalized designs like couple’s name, Couple’s initials, design with husband’s name, Zodiac sign Mangalsutra bracelet, customized bracelets and customized rings are offered at Diamondtree.


We assure you that Diamondtree is your best option for shopping the latest diamond mangalsutra designs. You can avail our services of personalization at our stores and receive the finished product within 15-30 days post order. Our designers would love to assist you through the designing process and will also provide a 3D representation before finalizing it to be crafted.